Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seth talks..

Sweet baby Seth loves his mommy, Who doesn't really? :_D hehe. Anyway, this is a cute video I wanted to share. Sorry its a little out of whack I was holding him and taping at the same time....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dillon and the "Skeet-O"

Lately Dillon has been really interested in bugs.  Since mosquitos are abundant at our house right now I decided to video Dillons cuteness and mistalking of the word "mosquito" because we just can't get enough.  This isn't the cutest memory we have of him and mosquitos but I thought it was adorable and definately cute enough to post. 

Dillon dresses himself.....

Now don't be mistaken.  This is not Ray. It is Dillon fresh out of the shower.  He has his hair combed, jammy shirt on, binky in mouth, and daddy's basketball/sleeping shorts on.  So cute.  He loves to try to put pants on, which usually doesn't work out too well when they are actually his.  He was SO very proud of himself that he could put these on! 
Kids are too funny. 
He walked around the house with a huge grin so very proud holding the shorts up by the drawstring!  Haha.
Here's a good one of him pulling the shorts up so they don't fall. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dillon colors on the wall...

What is this you ask?  Oh that would be my laundry room wall with some brown permanent marker, very permanent marker.  How would I know its so permanent? Simply because I got out my Mr. Clean magic eraser to erase it off the wall.  Alas, it did not erase and when I noticed the paint coming off the wall I stopped.  Luckily, Not only did I find that Dillon colored on this wall with his super sticking brown very permanent marker.
He colored this one as well....Awesome!
Oh goody here's another one!  Good job super duper brown permanent marker man.
GREAT!! I am sooooo very happy to see that Dillon does not give up so easy.  Thanks for NOT stopping with only 1 or 2 walls buddy.  Cause you know its every mothers dream to clean up messes!
Alright, Mr. Clean is not working.  Thank goodness I saved the leftover paint from these walls when we moved in.......5 years ago?  I'll head out to the garage and get that now.  Then I can paint when Dillon goes down for a nap.... perfect.  Everything will look fine.
Heres the paint can!  I am just so glad I saved this for sooooo long.  I am a genius.
Let me just open this baby up and stir the .....
hard block of dried up paint in the bottom of the can.
Crapstain.  What to try now?
Think if I get a can of paint to match this color and paint it on the walls it will match the paint that has been on the walls for 5 years?
I'm going to try cause this hallway was a pain in the butt to paint!
Thanks again Dillon for choosing a difficult project and more than one wall of it!
Mommy needed something to do anyway.....:)

I love you Dillon!

Seth in the bathtub.

Everybody needs bathtub pictures right?  Look at that cutest little Chubber-pants! Don't worry I kept this clean;)  Hahahahahah!

Just so you know....

Just so you know I have not turned into a 4 post-a-day blogger.  As a-matter-of-fact I didn't even create the last 4 posts of this blog!  My little Makayla did!!  She wanted to learn how to blog so I taught her.  She also wanted to blog on Cheeseypants, which is great because she'll hopefully help me keep it up more than I have in the past!  She did want to post as if it were me so you might have a hard time deciphering who's who at times;)!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Dillon loves animals so we took him tothe Aquarium.We saw different kinds of fish.Like sharks, guppies,sting rays,and more.